Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biden: Energy Efficiency Program

Biden to roll out home energy efficiency program

November 9, 2010 - Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday will unveil a new federal program to make it easier for Americans to make their homes more energy efficient, saying it will help people save money and create new jobs for contractors.

The three-step program, called Recovery Through Retrofit, will offer new software for contractors to easily show people how much they can save, offer low-cost financing to help people pay for home improvements, and set new guidelines for contractors to assure the public the work is done right.

Biden, who planned to announce the plan at the White House, said in prepared remarks that it will give families "the tools they need to invest in home energy upgrades. Together, these programs will grow the home retrofit industry and help middle class families save money and energy."

The Obama administration didn't immediately release estimates of either the costs of the program or how many jobs it could create. {read rest}

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