Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pricing Carbon Emissions Conference

A Welcome from Vice President Al Gore: “Pricing Carbon: The Wesleyan Conference” {one page pdf}

Dear Conference Participants ─

I’d like to congratulate Wesleyan’s new College of the Environment for co-hosting this
important event with the Price Carbon Campaign. I’m encouraged to see the diversity of
groups sponsoring this conference. Your agenda is timely, your presenters are well
chosen, and your mission could not be more important. Regrettably, I cannot join you,
but I will be paying attention to what takes place at your conference.

After a year marked by ever-more alarming and ominous signs of climate crisis, and
policymakers in Washington and on the international stage mired in gridlock, it’s
understandable that many of our allies are concerned and disappointed. But, as we know,
the darkest hour is often just before dawn. That you have picked this moment to seek a
consensus with a broad coalition of climate activists for a carbon pricing mechanism that
is effective, equitable and politically viable is encouraging and commendable. {read rest-one page pdf}

Check out the Conference website

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