Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Bodies Needed for Higher Education 'Industry'?

That's become very profitable!

There is No Problem finding the needed Skilled Worker to bring on a Green Economy, we're all over the Country and World and mostly sitting on our collective butts thanks to the collapse of the economies and the construction industries by the 'highly educated' in the corporate world and found also in the corporate construction offices!

Industry may face a lag while workers are trained

Companies and governments are promising to go on hiring sprees to support their new green economies, but a newly-released study indicates that they may have trouble getting qualified applicants.

The jobs promise to be good ones. That’s not the problem. The problem, according to a report from the Association of Energy Engineers, is that there may not be enough skilled labor trained to handle the new jobs.

“From a U.S. perspective, we have a lot of work to do to train our workforce for these new green collar jobs,” said Brian Douglas, director of business development for the Association.

His organization, which boasts 14,000 members who work in the energy industry, conducted a survey of its members with more than 10 percent responding. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they currently are or have considered installing renewable energy technologies, according to a report on the survey. Sixty-seven percent said they believe there is a shortage of energy management practitioners now, and 37 percent said they plan to retire within the next 10 years. {read rest}

Is there education needs, book learning to better comprehend and develop common sense and critical thought to develop quicker the new idea's and products needed, Yes, but put those out in the field to actually do the needed trades and watch the problems grow {problems tradespeople, doing the work, have already solved or fixed}, we work and refine the idea's that the professionals develop, within our own professions, now relegated to the 'skilled labor' label to keep wages and more down!

Skilled tradespeople become so by actually doing the needed work, every day we come across what we might not have done or we dig back into our constantly growing backlog, in our experiences and corrections to problems and collected in our minds, of what we have built up over the years. We come across new products or tools that are constantly being developed, especially as technology across the board has been coming online, and quickly learn how to use or incorporate into whatever project we're a part of to help ease the labor or enhance the projects we're involved in, ever changing. We learn quicker because our minds have developed the way over many years of doing and we can train others working with us quicker by doing same as we've always done, they in turn do same.

Example: During World War II many of the males joined to serve the country in it's military, not only here but other countries as the needs grew. Some couldn't because of a variety of reason, but back then most were coming from the industries that had been developing as they always have. Women back then were more a part of running the homes, or at professions/jobs once thought of as for women and not the industrious hard work jobs in the industries, and not working in the industries but were able to quickly come on board and start building the countries needs for the military and well beyond by being trained from the ranks of males, not able to join the military, who were already skilled at their trades or knew how to build. Women learned quickly because, like all living beings, education is life long and beings are constantly learning by experiences or their own curiosity to other subject's that they seek to know more about, and there was a need for the societies of humans then as there constantly is.

Colleges creating more training for green economy

October 29, 2010 - Ontario’s next wave of workers will have more skills in areas like renewable energy technology and environmental management, according to a new report from Colleges Ontario, an organization representing 24 public colleges in the province.

Colleges Driving a Sustainable Future: New Careers for a Clean Economy found Ontario colleges are adding more programs focusing on the green economy.

Since the province introduced its Green Energy and Green Economy Act a few years ago, colleges have followed suit—adding 35 programs across a spectrum of fields from sustainable wine making to geothermal engineering. {read rest}

Many who've lived and worked in the trades, and they are very wide spread as that's what's needed, will become interested in other worldly issues, those to are very widespread, and seek out that education in the already organized schools or through books and doing as something to quell a curiosity or need, but not for a piece of paper that tells others, and themselves, they're educated. They'll keep their active minds active but in other interests outside of what they do as to profession or work, that's being Human.

We have plenty of the 'highly educated' in professions needed to not only develop the product idea's but start and run, honestly, the business models needed to grow even more then a Green Economy and the needs will always be there for same, but one doesn't learn how to physically build those needs, working daily with the physical and mental labor needed, in a classroom, fundamentals maybe, but once in the field one finds most of that isn't the how to do it as they start actually doing it.

All that's needed Right Now, actually should have always been and was supposed to in the new 'c'apitalism of the past some three decades, is those with all that private capital, corporations and individuals, is to stop hoarding it like it's going to disappear overnight, it will if it just sits there, and start investing in the idea's many have for a new economy and world. Those who've actually sought out that higher education to refine those idea's better and want to start or work in the labs and offices of these companies to develop them.

As to who will help actually build these companies look no further then all those Skilled Professionals around you, we've already lost a ton of knowledge as other countries and their workers have started developing those needs because they make what we use or need, and quickly put them to work, many will have already fixed the coming possible problems because they have over years of experience.

Higher education shouldn't be forced on everyone, it only enhances a now growing bottom line and competition for those dollars. Once not everyone sought it out and didn't have the need for, they learned by actually doing, and received back great satisfaction and accomplishment from the finished products they help produce, and keep on learning through their lives, in and out of their professions or skills.

Our schools, at the lower levels and the higher, can develop programs and classes for the fundamentals, as they once did, but real learning comes from really doing and they should be considered no less professional, if their good, then those with a piece of paper from our 'higher education industry'!

Want a 'Green Economy' Start Building It, all your needs are all around you, old and young, and more then willing to use their minds and physical abilities to help your businesses grow and Everyone Benefits!

Skilled minds and labor at all levels will build it, we always have!

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