Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harrison Ford: Global Biodiversity Plan

Harrison Ford calls on US to ratify treaty on conservation

The actor warns that the cost of exclusion from a global biodiversity plan will be felt financially and in wellbeing

27 October 2010 - The actor Harrison Ford has called on the United States to ratify the international treaty governing conservation and urged consumers everywhere to shop more responsibly in order to limit the impact on the natural world.

Ford was speaking in Nagoya on the fringes of a crucial United Nations conference to establish a global action plan to protect the natural world. But the US – the world's biggest economy and consumer – is not taking a full part in the discussions because Congress has refused to ratify the UN Convention on Biological Diversity that the former president Bill Clinton signed in 1993.

"It's a matter of political will," Ford told the Guardian. "I'm not sure what objections the US has to taking the necessary steps. I know it's difficult to get things through Congress these days, but what needs to be done is have the president prioritise this process of congressional advice and consent on this treaty so we can be signatories." {read rest}

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